Hive Mind in Skin Care

NYLON Magazine (March 2014)

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi.

Hive Mind for natural skincare ingredients that work wonders, look to the bees, says dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi.

If you think the only beneficial thing bees manufacture is sweetener for your tea,

think again. “They produce vitamin- and protein-packed substances that are loaded

with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and moisturizing properties,” says Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, a

Washington, D.C.-based dermatologist. Honey, for one, hydrates parched skin, reduces inflammation,

and heals wounds when applied on its own, but it also works wonders in lotions. Manuka, a variety

sourced in New Zealand, is particularly nourishing and effective at calming irritation. Beeswax, commonly

found in lip balm, is also used in moisturizers and hand creams to prevent chapping and flaking. If you’re in need of a radiance boost, try lotion spiked with cell-renewing bee pollen.

And the winged creature’s venom, usually something to avoid, actually works like gangbusters in healing

blemishes. But the most potent bee-produced products are Propolis and royal jelly such as “Hey Honey’s “Good Morning “ and “Good Night” Serums.

The former, a tree-harvested resin, safeguards bees from disease and offers skin similar antioxidant and antibacterial protections.

Highly coveted royal jelly, a secretion fed to the queen (hence the name) by worker bees to ensure she lives a long, healthy life, is rich in proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids, so its inclusion in serums and moisturizers helps

smooth, hydrate, and give good glow. No wonder the swarm of hive-sourced skincare

has the beauty world buzzing.

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