Do You Know All the Great Things About Propolis?

The meaning  of the name PROPOLIS: pro- before + polis city.

You may be wondering – What exactly is Propolis? While bees are mostly known for their Honey production, they also make another very important substance – Propolis. Commonly known as “bee glue,” Propolis is a type of resin that bees collect on their legs while collecting pollen from flowers, buds, and other sources of sap. This resin is then brought back to the hive, where it is essentially used as a glue to protect and repair damaged parts of the hive. Propolis is one of the most important ingredients in Hey Honey products because of its restorative, antibacterial, antiseptic and other beneficial health properties for the skin – but there are many more uses and facts behind the goodness that is Propolis.

  1. Known for Centuries, Studied for Decades

For thousands of years, Propolis has been used in traditional medicines and remedies. From its application during the embalming process in Ancient Egypt, to healing wounds during wartime, the healing properties of Propolis have been passed down for centuries. It wasn’t until 1967 that Propolis was really brought into scientific study thanks to Danish biologist K. Lund Aagaard. While on a summer exploration trip, Aagaard fell ill with a fever, while stuck in bed sick, he remembered the antiseptic and antibiotic properties of Propolis from ancient knowledge. After finding some he knew was in his home, he ground it up, filtered it with hot water and drank it all – hoping for the best. The next morning he was shocked to find all of his ailments were gone. After that experience Lund Aagaard decided to focus all of his research efforts on Propolis. Allowing us today to be more aware of the antiseptic and true healing properties of the sticky substance.

2. Propolis Fights Cavities

There is talk that Propolis may be very effective in fighting cavities and many other oral health issues, such as gum disease. In 2003 a study was conducted by the Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin to test this theory. Through lab research, scientists discovered that several compounds found in Propolis helped in inhibiting the growth of the oral bacteria known to contribute to the development of cavities. It is also suggested that Propolis may also help those oral bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

3. Propolis can be found in many forms

While Hey Honey uses Propolis as a main ingredient in its products, Propoliscan come in all shapes and sizes to cure multiple skin and health issues. Propolislozenges are used as a sore throat remedy due to its antimicrobial properties. It has very strong antifungal properties as well. Propolis in liquid form works as a treatment for all sorts of ailments for the mouth, and throat, having the ability to regenerate dental tissue and reduce inflammation. Propolis is also available in capsules, and as ointment or in lotions. We know through our products at Hey Honey that Propolis in a topical form provides healing and protection for the skin. As a capsule, it provides powerful antioxidants to help fight free radicals and help repair damaged red blood cells for a healthy body from the inside out.

4. Propolis can stimulate circulation

In accordance to all the good Propolis does in its many forms, some of the beneficial active ingredients found in Propolis are extremely effective in stimulating the body’s circulatory system. Improved circulation does a lot of good for the body like improving blood flow and oxygenation of various parts of the body. These benefits result in a boost of energy, and improved metabolism health

5. The Ultimate Acne Fighter

One miraculous benefit brought on by Propolis is its ability to quickly heal wounds. It is believed that the flavonoid compounds within Propolis prevent the breaking down of cells, and actually accelerates skin cell’s regeneration for a fast healing solution.  This also comes in handy for healing and preventing acne. Considering Propolis’ anti-inflammatory properties and ability to eliminate bacteria, using Propolis on breakouts will help reduce redness, heal scars and marks, and disinfect pores for clearer skin.

6. Propolis and Cancer Prevention

With all the great health benefits and antioxidant free-radical fighting power brought on by Propolis, it’s not a surprise that researchers have been investing their time looking into new angles for using the sticky substance to attack cancerous cells. Since cancer is caused by the mutation of cells that in turn infect other cells and spread, Propolis has shown to be very effective in preventing this spread in some types of cancer. Though research is still ongoing and results are far from 100% conclusive, it’s still a very large step forward in hopes to cure cancer as a whole.


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