Liquid Gold: The Lowdown on Honey

This sticky sweet game changer is a pretty amazing substance. Known mainly for its historic role as nature’s most pure and delicious sweetener; Honey is more than just the delicious sugary fluid that you put in your tea. Honey can also be attributed to having numerous nutritional and health benefits. Because of this, Honey also happens to be one of the key ingredients in Hey Honey’s products!

But what is Honey, Honey?

The creation and collection of Honey is a fascinating process. Honey is a viscous liquid produced by bees. Honey begins as nectar – a sugary liquid from flowers and then return to the hive and further break down the nectar and place it into honeycombs. The constant fanning of the bees’ wings makes the nectar dry even faster, leaving gooey honey behind. Honey is then collected by beekeepers by extracting honey from the combs and pouring it into containers, simple as that!

Honey is mainly composed of water and carbohydrates. It is incredibly rich in amino acids, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins and this is where we see most of its key benefits.

Honey Historically

Historians have difficulty determining the exact age of Honey, however the hunt for Honey can be dated back to cave paintings founds in years over 8,000 years ago.  These are the earliest beekeeping records; however, anthropologists have found bee fossils dating back 150 million years!

The ancient Egyptians used Honey not only as a delicious enhancement to their food but as a gift to their gods baking and enhancing their offerings with Honey. Honey was also used as part of the embalming process and preserving food, due to its remarkable natural preservative benefits.

One consistent theme throughout history has been the use of for beauty treatments. From Queen Cleopatra who regularly bathed in milk and honey baths to the elite women of the Roman Empire who used milk and Honey lotion on their face to maintain a youthful appearance. Honey was, and is now thousands of years later an important part of a daily beauty regimen.

Common Uses of Honey

The most common use of Honey is of course, its ability to serve as a natural sweetener. Honey has made its mark as an additive to tea and coffee, it is spread on toast, cooked in baked goods, and is even used on cheeses and meats.

Honey has been extensively studied for its medical benefits, and is a known natural remedy. It is used both orally and topically for numerous purposes including: its ability to aid with cleaning wounds and assist with burns (honey can actually boost healing time and reduce infection). Honey is a cough suppressant and can help soothe a sore throat, it can reduce scarring and yeast production. Honey can even help with digestive issues and the list goes on and on…

For additional information on the uses of Honey; see our article on The 5 Uses for Honey You Never Thought of. 

Honey in Skincare

Honey is a very powerful skincare ingredient, why? The molecular weight of honey is almost an exact match of skin, meaning that all of the key benefits of Honey are easily absorbed and processed by the body.

In addition to this Honey is a wonderful humectant, meaning that it attracts moisture and helps lock it into skin, leaving a hydrated surface behind. Honey is often used as a light moisturizer for skin that is dry or dehydrated. Honey is also a natural brightener, gentle exfoliant and decongestant. Honey is enzymatic and the enzymes in honey break down dead skin cells, superficial debris to help clean congested pores.

Honey is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal which helps to keep skin clean and makes it the perfect ingredient for skin that is dull, dry or even acneic. Honey has a bleaching effect and can even assist with fading scars. Honey is anti-aging, it has a high nutrient content and more antioxidants than any other naturally derived source, providing a superior amount of free radical protection..

There are so many beneficial health properties and uses for this wonderful rich golden liquid. Check out all of Hey Honey’s Honey-based products here.


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