Hey Honey, I’m so delighted to meet you! it’s me Katerina Yoffe-Larden, Co-Founder & C.E.O here at Hey Honey.

let me start by simply saying I absolutely love what I’m doing! And that is mainly because of what inspires me – which happens to be YOU! our amazing customers, fans, followers, and supporters. It’s you who give me strength. It’s you who show me guidance and fuel my dedication.

Your love and support means the world to myself and the all Hey Honey team. And I am not just saying that – I take pride in knowing many of you by name and recalling what products you like, your experiences with us, and more.

Reading people that I don’t personally know, genuinely happy, rooting for our success – that is my fuel. The abundance of feedback that we get from YOU, telling us that we have gained another customer for life – that is my reward.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

A all new year is ahead of you and I feel compelled to tell you that is your chance to chase down your dream and to simply make it yours! Along the way be sure to:

  1. Let no one tell you that you will not be good enough, or that it is too far-fetched – too challenging – too difficult. Let no one stop you from achieving your personal greatness. I can say from experience that if you do things from a place of love, rewards are sure to come.
  2. Follow your heart – If I listened to the people that told me to quit or to go different direction, I would not be here, doing this today.
  3. Know that there is no glass, concrete or any other kind of ceiling that cannot be broken and that any STOP signs can be detoured!
  4. Look hard, you will always find a friend, family member, neighbor or even a stranger that you met in the elevator, which will give you the push you need.
  5. Yet do not forget, you don’t need anyone to believe in your dream – except for you.
    As cliché as this is – it holds a lot of truth: “If there is a will, there is a way.”
  6. Do what makes you happy. Work hard, but most important work smart! It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it.
  7. Explore life- you are the captain of your own destiny, you can navigate your world as you see fit.
  1. Find your inspiration – and be grateful when you do.
  1. Leave bad things behind you – don’t dwell. Roll the good things into a snow ball – give it a push and allow it to grow!
  1. You are strong(er) more then you may even know!

Hey Honey, keep on going! You got this!

Thank you for an amazing 2016 and for letting Hey Honey into your life.

With Much Love & Appreciation

Katerina Yoffe – Larden

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