Hey Honey, what can I say, these are amazing exciting times in our journey.

5 years ago Katerina and I had a dream to create a simple, straightforward and effective Beauty line, one that can talk to everyone on the eye level, a beauty line that will adjust to your NO-TIME, high speed lifestyle and not the other way around.

In June 2014 we decided we were ready! and made our first launch with IPSY glam boxes, introducing Hey Honey Take It Off! Exfoliating Peel Off Mask. great success with great buzz… 3 years later and over 500,000 online reviews with the average of 4.7 out 5 full stars (hey, no one is perfect right?) we just won the CEW and QVC “Quest For Beauty” Award ! WoW , where do we even start describing the excitement? the honor and the energy that a young emerging brand like ours feel? Simply can’t 🙂


Katerina Yoffe – Larden & Nisso Larden . Co-Founders Hey Honey.

That moment you hear your baby brand’s name being announced by Rachel Ungaro Vice President of the giant QVC, in front of 1,000 beauty industry experts and executives you miss a bit, or five!

Thank you all of our FANS, you’re the one we made of! Thank you our partners at ULTA Beauty who believe in us and for their constant support! Our partners at IPSY who are truly there for us and always find a creative way to make it happen. Thank you Glossybox for the amazing launch in Europe, where we just launched both Ireland and Sweden !
And of course CEW and QVC for the wonderful award!

And finally, Thank you for reading this article despite my broken english.

Nisso Larden Co-Founder @HeyHoney


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