Morning Routine – Staff Pick

Hey Honey! It’s 7am, your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button… more than once, and before you know it you have 30 minutes to get to work. Been there before? I know I have, with the added bonus of my puppy biting at my heels for attention as I’m rushing to get ready and out the door. The last thing I have time for is a complicated morning skin care routine. That’s why I follow these three simple steps, that take no more than five minutes out of my morning, but leave my face radiant!

Every morning I start by cleansing my face with the Don’t Miss a Spot Propolis Cleansing Foam. This mild cleansing foam is designed to gently cleanse and purify skin. It is best for normal to oily skin which is perfect for me as I fall in the combination skin category. I love this cleanser because it leaves my face soft and smooth without drying it out!

After I have washed my face, I apply the Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum which is a light and luxurious moisturizing serum that doubles as a makeup primer. It replenishes and protects my skin while improving the tone for glowing skin. I love it because it keeps my foundation in place all day! (Read reviews here)

Finally, I use Boost It Up Daily Moisturizing Cream. This moisturizing facial cream is designed to boost the effectiveness of the Good Morning Serum. It not only moisturizes and protects but also calms the skin and is full of antioxidants. This moisturizer helps me achieve lasting, naturally healthy and radiant skin!

A swipe of mascara to finish the look off, and I’m out the door. With five minutes to spare to stop and get a coffee on the way!


Millie Eberl – Social Media Associate

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