July Blogger of the Month

Hey Honey! Each month we like to feature one of the beauty bloggers that we have the honor of working with.

For the month of July, we have chosen Alina Louise Asmarian, a gorgeous beauty, fashion and lifestyle Blogger, Vlogger, stylist, and model. A woman of many talents!

We did a Q&A with Alina to learn about her blog, style, and influences. Read her interview below!

Q: Why did you start blogging
A: I started blogging as a way to express myself and my style, but I also wanted to help people that carry similar interests in beauty, fashion, etc. I wanted to inspire people, as I was inspired by other bloggers before I started my own blog. It’s very rewarding to provide content that people find inspirational and beneficial in developing their beauty routine and fashion profile.

Q: What is it about being a beauty blogger that gives you the most satisfaction?
A: I feel so humbled when I receive a message or comment on my blog from followers who genuinely benefit from my content. It’s so incredible knowing that the effort I put into my blog is both acknowledged and useful to so many people. It’s simply such a gratifying feeling and it motivates me everyday to continue blogging. I also like that I am also able to build close relationships and friendships with my followers through this platform.

Q: Who are your favorite blogs to follow?
A: Oh goodness, there are so many! I have to say that my top two are definitely Miss Maven and Simply Sona. What I love about both of their blogs is that they are so informative and always have new beauty treats that are introduced to me, as well as useful beauty hacks. I definitely aspire to perfect my blog to that caliber.


Q: Who are or have been your role models?
A: On a personal level, my mother is my role model. To this day, my mom is my top fashion and beauty icon. She’s very glamorous; from a young age she’s always had a unique style and fashion taste that I’ve admired. She’s also taught me the intrinsic morals and values in life and has shaped my self-identity. As far as my other role models, I adore Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Bacall. These phenomenal Hollywood actresses were not only stunning, talented and beautiful souls, but they exuded so much class.

Q: What are your absolute beauty staples?
A: I absolutely love to moisturize and exfoliate, I think this is an essential step as a beauty guru. Taking good care of your skin can enhance so much and make the application of makeup better. I also think that having a good lip balm and concealer is an everyday must.

Q: What inspires you?
A: Goal orientation. Setting goals for myself inspires me to work hard, stay positive and leaves me feeling so incredibly proud when I achieve those goals.

Q: What has been your most exciting or proud moment since you started blogging?
A: Definitely when I reached 100,000 followers on my blog. When I first started blogging, I had a smaller following and honestly did not expect to have more people following me. I am truly so grateful to my followers, they make what I do so worthwhile. Their support makes me happy.

Q: What has been the most challenging aspect of being a beauty blogger?
A: For me personally, it’s the fine line between blog life and my personal life. It can get tough when you have some challenges in your personal life that can affect the blogging process. Nonetheless, I think it’s important to stay positive and push through those challenges.


Q: What new beauty trends are you excited about?
A: I am very excited about the “feather-y” eyebrows coming back into trend. For me personally, my eyebrows match me in the “feather-y”, natural look. I am obsessed with eyebrows in general and love that we are seeing a less dramatic and more natural look unfolding.

Q: What beauty trends do you think should fade away?
A: Definitely using colored markers to fill in eyebrows, like sharpies. It’s just not a good idea.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
A: In my spare time I like to read, cook and spend time with my family.

Q: What does the future of your blog look like/where would you like your blogging to take you?
A: I am hoping to start vlogging and make more makeup tutorial videos. I absolutely would like to broaden my blogging horizons and will be working towards starting a YouTube channel on beauty as well.

Follow Alina on IG: xoxo_louiseee and Youtube: Alina Beauty

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